Hurricane Harvey Houston Relief Efforts

Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We couldn’t just stand by – we wanted to help, so we made it happen.

With the generosity of some stand-up partners, like:

  • Grauls Markets
  • Donio
  • Monumental Vending
  • Deluxe Transportation
  • Coosemans LA
  • Lehigh Dairy
  • Hilandale Farms
  • Lambeth Groves
  • Saratoga Water
  • Norfolk banana
  • Richardson Farms
  • Torn And Glasser

We managed to fill a trailer with fresh produce, water, and some other much needed-supplies, and we’re working on filling two more trucks. The first truck is on its way to Houston Food Banks.

To our partners: YOU made it happen! Thank you for doing SO much is so little time.

Houston, you’re on our minds.