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Weekly Market Report


Produce Market Report for Week of May 26, 2015
by Coastal Sunbelt Produce | May 26, 2015


Asparagus: Prices are steady. Sizing on Peruvian product continues to be on the small side.
Broccoli: Markets are much higher with good quality.
Cauliflower: Prices remain extremely high. Expect good quality.
Corn: Prices are steady.
Cucumber: Prices are slightly lower as we bring in Georgia product.
Eggplant: Prices are steady as we transition to Georgia product.
Onions: Plentiful supplies on onions with stable prices.
Peppers: Red peppers are steady. Green pepper prices are steady as Florida finishes production and we bring in more Georgia product.
Potatoes: Red potatoes are seeing steady prices.
Squash: Both green and yellow squash prices are slightly lower. We are bringing in Georgia product until Carolina begins production.


Product is coming from Florida and Mexico.
6X6: Prices are steady. 6X7, 5X6: Prices are steady.
Beefsteaks: Steady prices with good quality. Plums: Steady supplies and steady prices.
Grapes: Good quality with steady prices. Green: Prices remain stable with good quality. Product is coming from Canada.


Iceberg: Prices will be lower. Quality is good.
Red and green leaf: Prices are still very high on red and green lettuce.
Romaine: Prices are steady. Quality is good.


Apples: Fujis are seeing higher prices.
Avocados: Prices are higher. California quality is excellent.
Blackberries: Prices will be slightly lower.
Blueberries: We have both 6 ounce and pint sizes. Carolina production will begin shortly.
Cantaloupe/Honeydew: Cantaloupe prices are steady while honeydew prices are slightly lower.
Grapefruit: Supplies are good and the market remains high on California fruit.
Grapes: Prices remain steady on red and white grapes.
Lemons: California lemons remain tight. Prices remain high. Prices continue to climb.
Limes: Prices will be steady.
Mangoes: Prices are steady. Product is coming from Peru and Mexico.
Oranges: California oranges will see higher pricing for all sizes. Valencias are erring on the smaller sizes.
Pears: Pears from Washington are seeing higher prices.
Pineapples: Steady prices and good supplies.
Raspberries: Prices are steady with good quality.
Strawberries: Prices are lower with better supplies. Very good quality.
Watermelons: We have started bringing in a few sizes of watermelon from Georgia.

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Gourmet Market Report for Week of May 25-30,2015
by Coastal Sunbelt Produce | May 25, 2015

Check out our latest Gourmet Report!  We have a wide variety of specialty fruits, vegetables, and other items you are sure to enjoy.

To view the report, click here or click the report image below to view a larger, printable version.

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