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Weekly Market Report


Produce Market Report for Week of September 28, 2015
by Coastal Sunbelt Produce | September 28, 2015


Asparagus: Prices are lower as supplies from Peru increase.
Broccoli: Prices are lower with good quality.
Cauliflower: Prices are steady. Expect good quality.
Corn: Prices remain high as growing regions move.
Cucumber: Prices remain steady.
Eggplant: Prices are steady.
Onions: Prices will start to increase on red and yellow onions due to heat affecting the crop.
Peppers: Red pepper prices remain lower. Green pepper prices continue to rise. Georgia and North Carolina are about to start production.
Potatoes: Red potato and Idaho prices remain steady.
Squash: Green and yellow squash prices remain steady.


Virginia product is available in limited quantities.
Plums: Product from Mexico is seeing higher prices as growing regions change and supplies become tighter. 5X6: Prices are steady. Product is coming from Virginia, Tennessee, and California
Green: Prices remain stable with good quality. Product is coming from Canada.
Beefsteaks: Steady prices with good quality. 6X6: Prices are steady from California, Tennessee, and Virginia.
Grapes: Good quality with steady prices. Cherries: Prices remain high. All produce is from the U.S.


Weather has greatly affected prices and quality! Prices remain very high with marginal quality.
Iceberg: Very high prices! Quality is only fair.
Red and green leaf: Prices are higher.
Romaine: Prices are higher with fair quality.


Apples: Galas, granny smith, and fuji apples continue to see high prices.
Avocados: California quality remains excellent with slightly lower prices. Mexican prices are steady. California will be winding down by the end of the month.
Blackberries: Prices are higher.
Blueberries: Prices are steady.
Cantaloupe/Honeydew: Prices remain steady.
Grapefruit: Supplies are tight and prices are increasing on California fruit. Quality remains suspect until When Florida begins in about a month, we will see small sizes to start.
Grapes: Prices remain steady on red and white grapes.
Lemons: California supplies cannot handle demand with Chile coming to an end and Mexican supplies being limited. Sunkist fancy fruit is now in a gap, furthering the impact on availability.
Limes: Prices are steady.
Mangoes: Prices remain high.
Oranges: All oranges coming out of California will be Valencias this time of year, and the regreening process is taking a toll on quality. Supplies are tight with no relief for about 3 weeks. Florida navels and tangerines are starting this week.
Peaches: Local season is over. Peaches will not be available until Chile begins production near January.
Pineapples: Prices remain higher with limited availability.
Raspberries: Prices are steady with good quality.
Strawberries: Prices are slightly higher. Quality and sizing has improved. Stemberries are now in stock.

High Alert! California growing regions have been experiencing more than a week of extreme heat—think over 100 degree weather! Both crop growth and harvesting capabilities have been a struggle with a high heat advisory in effect.
Quality and supplies of lettuce, berries, and assorted vegetable items will be compromised in the next few weeks.



Gourmet Market Report for Week of September 21-26, 2015
by Coastal Sunbelt Produce | September 21, 2015

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