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Produce Market Report for Week of September 08, 2014
by Coastal Sunbelt Produce | September 08, 2014

Freight rates continue to be high this summer. Check out our local items!


Asparagus: Prices are slightly higher with fair quality.
Broccoli: Markets are higher as supplies tighten up.
Cauliflower: Prices are higher with good quality.
Corn: Prices are steady.
Cucumber: Prices are steady. Product is coming from New York and Pennsylvania.
Eggplant: Good supplies. Product is coming from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Onions: Supplies are tighter. Jumbo red and yellow onions will have higher prices.
Peppers: Red pepper pricing is steady. Green peppers from Pennsylvania are plentiful.
Potatoes: Red potatoes are steady. Idaho potato prices will be steady.
Squash: Both green and yellow squash are seeing slightly lower prices.


Tomatoes are coming from multiple growing regions.
6X6, 6X7, 5X6: Fair quality; stable prices Green: Stable prices; good quality.
Beefsteaks: Stable prices with good quality. Plums: Low availability and fair quality.
Grapes: Good quality with stable prices.


Iceberg: Prices are higher due to low supplies.
Red and green leaf: Prices are much higher on green leaf lettuce. Red leaf lettuce is seeing steady prices.
Romaine: Prices are higher as growers fight mildew in the crop.


Apples: All apples will see higher markets.
Avocados: Prices continue to increase. California is winding down as Mexico is expected to begin next week.
Blackberries: Prices are higher.
Blueberries: Michigan's blueberry season is finishing and we are waiting for South American production to begin. Prices will be much higher.
Cantaloupe/Honeydew: Cantaloupe and honeydew prices are steady with improving quality.
Grapes: Prices are steady on grapes.
Lemons: Prices remain high.
Limes: Prices are steady.
Mangoes: Prices will be much higher as we bring in product from Brazil. Mexico production has finished.
Nectarines: Product is coming from Virginia, Delaware, and California.
Oranges: California oranges are seeing stable prices.
Plums: Red and black plums from California will finish in about 2 weeks and will see much higher prices.
Raspberries: Prices are steady with good quality.
Strawberries: Quality is fair with some soft bruised fruit. We recommend using Driscoll strawberries. Prices are much higher.

Be Preapred

Red and yellow peppers continue to see extremely high prices this week.
Rain and storms in Guatemala continue to limit availability and supplies on several items. These include but are not limited to: snow peas, sugar snaps, baby carrots, French beans, English peas, baby squash, and baby corn.

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Gourmet Market Report for Week of September 8-13, 2014
by Coastal Sunbelt Produce | September 08, 2014

Check out our latest Gourmet Report!  We have a wide variety of specialty fruits, vegetables, and other items you are sure to enjoy.

To view the report, click here or click the report image below to view a larger, printable version.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call us at (410) 799-8000.

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