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Produce Market Report for Week of September 28, 2015
by Coastal Sunbelt Produce | September 28, 2015

Coastal Organic Pricing

Local Market Report


All items are Certified Organic unless otherwise noted.

REMINDER:  All salads are pre-booked for the duration of summer. Also, we are now offering all 4 new Earthbound Salads Powermeal Bowls!

*         Pre-Book by Tuesday 10am for delivery the FOLLOWING Tuesday through Friday

*         Pre-Book by Friday 10am for delivery the FOLLOWING Saturday through Monday

Fruit Updates:

*         Apples/Pears

o   Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious are domestic new crop

o   Domestic Honeycrisp Apples 27lb Europack are here!

o   New crop California Bartlett pears are here out of California.

*         Berries

o   Strawberries -good supply and remain a good value

o   Raspberry supplies are tightening up with higher pricing;  we are gapping on Blueberries

*         Citrus

o    Lemons -  we have transitioned back to the larger 115ct, pricing is higher

o   Oranges and Grapefruits  - are steady

o   Lime markets are very tight

*         Tropical

o   Avocados - markets are continuing to coming off, take advantage of great pricing

o   Bananas are steady in supply from Dole

o   Papayas are back in from Southern Specialties!

o   Pineapples - remain in very tight supply, limited availability with much higher pricing

*         Red Seedless Grapes from Earthbound are steady

*         Melons - supplies should be winding up from California for a few short weeks soon

o   Cantaloupes -9ct

o   Mini Seedless Watermelons are done
Veggie Updates:

*         Broccoli 14ct market is loosening up, we're seeing slightly lower pricing

*         Cauliflower - pricing continues to rise

*         Celery -30ct are steady; 18x2ct Hearts in with slightly higher pricing

*         Cucumbers- both 22lb and 45lb choice are both in good supply and pricing

*         Ginger- 10lb & 30lb Ginger from Peru

*         Greens

o   Rainbow Chard-24ct availability is becoming steadier  Cal Organic arriving Sunday

o   Kales - Green and Lacinato both are steady in supply and good quality

*         Lettuces - good pricing continues for Romaine Hearts, Romaine 24ct pricing is dropping

*         Onions

o   Green onions - Boskovitch landing Sunday

o   Red and Yellow Jumbo are in good supply

o   White onions are gapping

o   Sweet onions are here from Organic Valley! Won't last long!

*         Peppers

o   25lb Green and Red Peppers are LOCAL from Tuscarora

o   11lbs Red are in great supply and value

o   Jalapenos are in great supply

*         Potatoes-

o    Gold   "A" Potatoes are gapping-use the 16x3lb bags!

o     Red "A" Potatoes -waiting for new crops to be harvested

o    Russet are in with limited quantities

o    Rainbow Fingerling Potatoes are winding down for the season, what is in-house is it til next year

o   Gold Potatoes 16x 3lb bags arriving from Earthbound Farms! NEW ITEM

*         Squash

o   Zucchini - is steady in supply and pricing

o   Winter squash - Butternut, Spaghetti and Green Acorn are available this week. Let us know which varieties YOU are looking for!

*         Tomatoes

o   Grape tomatoes - great supply with better pricing

o   Mixed Heirloom tomatoes are in great supply and pricing

o   Romas are due in tomorrow from Produce Exchange

o   TOV from Wholesum Harvest are in!


Contact your salesperson or call 410-799-8000 with any questions.


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