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Produce Market Report for Week of June 29, 2015
by Coastal Sunbelt Produce | June 29, 2015


New ORGANIC Items for next week:

English Peas 10lbs from Del Cabo! 

Snow Bright White Peaches from Olson

·         Spring Bright Yellow Nectarines from Olson

·         Dark Sweet Cherries from Rainier


ORGANIC Fruit Updates:

·         Avocadoes – starting to see higher prices

·         Apples/Pears –

·         Fuji Apples are now New Crop from Argentina

·         Cripps Pink Ladies are New Crop from Argentina

·         Anjou Pears 90ct also New Crop

·         Berries

·          Strawberries markets continue to drop nicely

·         Bananas are in great supply

·         Citrus - New delivery from Sundance today

·         Lemons continue to be pricey

·         Availability on limes is spotty

·         Grapes –Red Seedless Grapes may gap going into July, Green Seedless are coming soon!

·         Kiwis – New crop from New Zealand

·         Melons- Cantaloupes are steady,  Honeydews are gapping, Mini Seedless Watermelons are in

·         Stonefruit-  Dark Sweet Cherries are here!

White Peaches, Yellow Nectarines 70/72ct from Olson Farms are here! 

·         Tropicals - Pineapples are in great supply, new arrival Saturday from Kingston


ORGANIC Veggie Updates:

·         Asparagus is very limited –we are currently out

·         Broccoli/Cauliflower/Celery

·         The bottom has dropped out of the broccoli market, seriously, it’s time to open and promote! Ask about multiple case discounts!

·          Cauliflower and Celery seeing better pricing

·         Cucumbers are in good supply

·         Greens

·         Green and Lacinato Kale are steady

·         Rainbow Chard is tight,

·         Lettuce

·         Red Leaf is limited, Green is out

·         Romaine is starting to come off pricing

·         Peppers

·         Good supply on green, jalapeno and Serrano

·         11lb Red peppers are gapping, 25lb choice is a good substitute

·         Mixed Baby 12x1pint are back!!!

·         Potatoes/Onions

·         Onions are steady-Red and Yellow are great supply with lower pricing

·         Gold “A” sized potatoes are new crop, Red “A” new crop coming soon!

·         Mixed Fingerlings are here!

·         Squash

·         Yellow squash is back in!

·         Delicata and Red Kuri are priced to move!

·         Spaghetti, Butternut and Acorn available

·         Tomatoes

·         Grape tomatoes are in good supply with great pricing

·         Cherry & Heirloom Cherry are steady

·         1 Layer Tomatoes are replacing 2 layers

·         Tomatoes on the Vine are available


Contact your salesperson or call 410-799-8000 with any questions.


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